Air Conditioning History
Aug 14, 2018

In the history of air conditioning, the United States has developed and improved the central unit system with duct, and received strong support from the distributors and distributors of air-conditioning equipment for installing and repairing air duct air conditioning system on site.

Wrac is the simplest and cheapest system that can easily be purchased at a retail store and installed on its own when it comes to constant heat. At the same time, SraC and SPAC, which have been developed and improved in Japan since the 70, are different from the U.S. market. Later, the equipment design and manufacturing technology was transferred to China in the 90, through a joint venture with local companies (including major components such as compressors, heat exchangers, electric persuasion, fine valves and electronic controllers). Today, China is already a top country, and her local major factories and joint ventures have created a large number of SraC and SPAC to meet the growing domestic market and export needs. Japan has been exporting SraC and SPAC units to China, Europe and the Middle East in the past few years to build new markets.

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