Heat Pump Advantages
Aug 14, 2018

Compared with the heating system of boiler (electric, fuel) and air source heat pump, the water source heat pump has obvious advantages. Boiler heating can only be 90%~98% energy or 70%~90% of fuel into the heat, for users to use, so the ground-source heat pump than electric boiler heating to save more than two-thirds of the energy, than the fuel boiler to save more than one-second of the power; because the heat source of water source heat pump is more stable year-round, generally 10~ 25 ℃, its refrigeration, heating coefficient can reach 3.5~4.4, compared with the traditional air source heat pump, to a height of about 40%, its operating costs for the ordinary central air-conditioning 50%~60%. 

Therefore, in the past more than 10 years, the water source heat pump air-conditioning system in North America and Central and northern Europe and other countries have made rapid development, China's water source heat pump market is increasingly active, so that the technology has been a fairly wide range of applications, become an effective heating and cooling air-conditioning technology.

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