Heat Pump Market Sales Model
Aug 14, 2018

The marketing channel of China's heat pump market is mainly the three categories of Enterprise's proprietary mode, Agent mode and the mixed mode of the two. Direct business model is to open branch offices or to send business personnel directly operating, this model mainly commercial machines, household machines such a small model. Direct business model is limited by the strength and ability of enterprises, it is difficult to do strong and big. Distribution mode is the manufacturers in all over the establishment of agencies, expand channels, the early dispatch of business personnel to conduct counseling work, the latter stage by the dealers to complete the market operation, the problem is that the enterprise and dealers benefit game is often the result of the two separate, channel instability. The third type is the blending mode. Intelligence Research Advisory data show that some enterprises in the surrounding market using direct marketing model, and in the market to adopt a distribution system. From the industry perspective, the dealer model occupies a large proportion. Overall, the heat pump industry sales channel construction is still in the initial stage, very suitable channel mode and channel management mode is still not very sure.

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