History of heat pump development
Aug 14, 2018

Sadi Karnot, a French scientist in the early 19th century, first presented the "Carnot cycle" theory in 1824, which became the source of heat pump technology. The 1852 British scientist Kelvin (L.kelvin) suggested that the refrigeration device could be used for heating, and that the reverse Carnot cycle could be used to heat the heated pump. He was the first to propose a formal heat pump system, which was called the "heat multiplier".

Many scientists and engineers then studied the heat pump for 80 years. ZURICH, Switzerland, in 1912, successfully installed a heat pump with water as a low heat source for heating, which is the early water source heat pump system and the world's first heat pump system.

The heat pump industry developed rapidly in the early the 1940s to 50, and the heat pump for domestic heat pump and industrial building began to enter the market, and the heat pump entered the early stage of development. Since the 1970s, heat pump industry into the golden Age, the world's research on the heat pump, such as the International Energy Agency and the European Community, have developed a large-scale heat pump development plan, the new technology of heat pump endless, the use of heat pump is also constantly open up, widely used in air-conditioning and industrial areas,

Plays an important role in energy conservation and environmental protection.

21st century, with the "energy crisis" appeared, fuel prices rise, after the improvement of the development of the mature heat pump for its efficient recovery of low-temperature environmental thermal energy, energy saving and environmental characteristics, back to the stage of history, the current most valuable new energy technology. The former international thermal department has set up an international heat pump center, set up the Heat Pump Promotion project (Heat Pump Programme), to promote the coordinated application and development of heat pump technology to all countries in the world. The United States, Canada, Sweden, Germany, Japan, Korea and other governments have issued special official guidelines to promote the social application of heat pump technology.

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