The cleaning process of central air conditioning
Aug 14, 2018

1, the use of central air-conditioning room for indoor air sampling test analysis of the current air quality: in the central air conditioner opened when the indoor air analysis to determine the quality of the air is good or bad.

2, the central air-conditioning air pipe sampling: the detection of the robot in the wind pipe sampling analysis to determine the degree of pollution.

3, to provide customers with air pollution Analysis report: whether there are obvious micro-organisms, ventilation system is visible dust particles into the room.

4, the development of cleaning program: Analysis of the structure of the ventilation pipeline, according to customer requirements to develop a detailed plan.

5, signed the central air-conditioning cleaning contract: According to the analysis report and cleaning program, negotiate with customers to clean the price and sign the contract.

6, the construction of the preparation: will be all required to the air duct cleaning equipment and construction personnel stationed at the site.

7, on-site operation: Cleaning robot to carry out operations, the use of high-power dedicated pipe cleaner to collect the pollutants in the pipeline and storage to be said.

8, disinfection: the first to the physical disinfection of the pipeline, and then treated with ultraviolet light, to avoid two times of pollution occurred.

9, cleaning Effect inspection: By visual method and weighing method to test the effect of air duct cleaning.

10, after cleaning the analysis of the report: After the completion of cleaning to provide customers with an analysis of the values and cleaning before the comparison.

11, acceptance criteria: According to the "Central air-conditioning ventilation system Cleaning Specification" national standards for testing to ensure that the project quality standards. 12, site recovery: The demolition of the tuyere to reinstall, adjust the air volume.

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