Characteristics Of Home Central Air Conditioning
Aug 14, 2018

(1) Efficient energy-saving: The use of modular mainframe, according to the setting of automatic adjustment of refrigeration capacity. Reasonable to the daytime life and night living area respectively installed air-conditioning, indoor and district control, each indoor and independent operation, adjust the air in each area respectively.

(2) Home central air-conditioning comfortable feeling good: the use of centralized air-conditioning design method, the air volume is large, small temperature difference, room temperature uniformity.

The variety of air supply, different from the split-type air-conditioning only one way, home central air-conditioning can achieve a variety of air supply mode, according to the specific circumstances of the room to develop different programs to enhance the human comfort.

(3) Appearance: According to user needs and preferences, implementation from design to installation of integrated solutions. The system uses the dark attire way, can cooperate the indoor upscale decoration.

At the same time, due to the reasonable placement of outdoor units will not destroy the overall appearance of the building.

(4) Four seasons: Summer, refrigeration unit operation, to achieve cold adjustment; In winter, the cold machine with heat source common use, can realize the winter heating. In spring and autumn season can use fresh air directly to the wind, to achieve energy-saving, comfortable effect.

(5) The operation of quiet: the use of host and indoor machine separation of the installation method, air return system design reasonable, to ensure a quiet home environment

(6) Health requirements: the same as central air-conditioning, can be reasonable to complement the fresh air, with the kitchen, toilet ventilation, to ensure the fresh indoor air hygiene, but also the four seasons to meet the health requirements of the human body. These are not realized by the split air conditioner.

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