Daily Maintenance Of Central Air Conditioning
Aug 14, 2018

The maintenance and management of air-conditioning equipment mainly refers to the central air-conditioning system and equipment and facilities for regular maintenance and timely repair to ensure that the central air-conditioning equipment and facilities in good condition, increase the life of various equipment and facilities to ensure normal and safe operation of equipment. The maintenance of air-conditioning equipment facilities, technical strong, so the end of each year will be the next year to develop maintenance plans. Planning, in order to make the planning of the accurate and reasonable, complete, clear, should be the national air-conditioning system testing and technical Service center and maintenance team to jointly develop the "Central air-conditioning maintenance plan" and communication with users. "Central air-conditioning maintenance plan" in the formulation process, should take into account the frequency of central air-conditioning use, central air-conditioning operation, there is no hidden trouble, reasonable maintenance time (avoid holidays, special events, etc.).

The contents of maintenance and conservation plan mainly include: the content of maintenance project, the time of specific implementation of maintenance and repair, the estimated cost and the necessary spare parts and spares plan, etc.

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