Five Tips For Central Air Conditioning
Aug 14, 2018

1, and ordinary air-conditioning installation method is not the same, small central air-conditioning design and installation must be in the home decoration, the host through the ceiling type (or even put on the bathroom ceiling) installed or loaded into the closet, so that the room can not see the host, the overall pattern is more concise and beautiful. Choose this kind of design the project best in the construction process installs completes, otherwise will have the influence to the later decoration.

2, home central air-conditioning generally do not have a fresh air system, even if the air heat pump type, fresh air replacement can only reach 15%. If you want to achieve better results, you need additional fresh air system.

3, home central air-conditioning outdoor machine will produce a certain noise, but not very large, but it is best to install it on the balcony away from the bedroom.

4, outdoor opportunities occupy the balcony about 1 square meters of area.

5, home central air-conditioning service life is generally about 15 years, to the time required the owner to replace their own money.

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