General Knowledge Of Central Air Conditioning Installation
Aug 14, 2018

① machine Selection ning Big do not small, think the living population is small, the use of rooms can reduce the air conditioning model of the idea is not correct.

② Outdoor machine position must be placed in a well-ventilated place, if the ventilation is not smooth, it will greatly affect the air-conditioning capacity.

③ Indoor machine location generally do not put in the bathroom or the top of the kitchen, if you must put, you have to make a good return to the scheme, not in the bathroom or the kitchen return air.

④ Indoor Confidential maintenance to ensure the future use of maintenance.

⑤ Choose the position of the air outlet to make the wind flow in the air-conditioning area.

⑥ Air outlet size to ensure a certain size of the vent, send tuyere to affect the air-conditioning effect of the General Assembly.

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