Heating Principle Of Central Air Conditioning System
Aug 14, 2018

Compressor inhalation of low-pressure gas compressor compression into high-temperature high-pressure gas, high-temperature gas through the heat exchanger to improve the water temperature, while high-temperature gas will condense into liquid.

Liquid into the evaporator evaporation, (evaporator evaporation must also have heat exchanger media, according to the media of different types of heat exchanger models structure is also different. Commonly used are wind-cooled and ground-source. The liquid after the evaporator into low-pressure low-temperature gas, low-temperature gas is again compressed by the compressor inhalation. In this way, the circulating water on the side of the air conditioner becomes about 45-55 degrees of hot water. Hot water through the pipeline to the need for heating room, the room installed with fan coil tube hot water and air for heat exchange to achieve heating purposes.

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