Refrigeration Principle Of Central Air Conditioning
Aug 14, 2018

Liquid vaporization Refrigeration is the use of heat absorption and condensation when the liquid is vaporized to achieve refrigeration. The liquid evaporates to form steam. When the liquid (refrigerant) is in a sealed container, in addition to the vapor produced by the liquid and liquid itself in this container, no other gas is present, and the liquid and steam will be balanced under a certain pressure, at which point the vapour is called saturated vapor, and the pressure is called saturated pressure, and the temperature is called the saturated temperature. When the liquid is not vaporized when it is balanced, if a portion of the steam is pumped out of the container, the liquid must continue to vaporize to produce a portion of the vapor to maintain the balance. Liquid vaporization to absorb heat, this heat is called vaporization latent heat. The latent heat of vaporization comes from the cooled object, causing the cooled object to become colder. In order for the process to proceed continuously, the steam must be continuously removed from the container and condensed into a liquid and then returned to the container.

The vapor extracted from the container, such as direct condensation into a liquid, the required cooling medium temperature than the evaporation temperature of the liquid is lower, we hope that the steam condensation is at room temperature, so we need to increase the pressure of steam to the temperature of saturated pressure. Refrigerant will evaporate at low temperature and low pressure, produce cold effect, and condense at ambient temperature and high pressure to release heat to ambient or cooling medium.

Steam at room temperature, high pressure after condensing into high-pressure liquid, but also need to reduce its pressure to evaporation pressure to enter the container. Liquid vaporization refrigeration cycle is composed of four processes, which are vaporization of refrigerant, steam boosting, high pressure vapor condensation and high-pressure liquid step-down.

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