The Development Of Central Air Conditioning
Aug 14, 2018

As the central air-conditioning technology can fully meet the requirements of miniaturization and small refrigeration, so in the field of household consumption has expanded trend.

2010 Industry market size reached 45 billion yuan, further expansion in 2011, only the first half of the market size reached 30 billion yuan, the year-on-year growth of more than 40%. More than 10% of the market share of enterprises including large gold, the United States, Gree, constitute the first echelon of China's central air-conditioning industry; US-funded four chiller Enterprises York, open, special spirit, Medwell continue to stabilize the second echelon, in the chiller market, the advantages are still very obvious, and in the short term insurmountable, Also in the second echelon of Hisense Hitachi, as a professional inverter unit enterprises, Hisense Hitachi in a professional development strategy to maintain a rapid growth. Industry sales professionals believe that from 2011 the first half of the major categories of products and the share of the 2011 comparison, the major categories of products, the share of more stable, smooth fluctuations. But there are still noteworthy changes: multi-unit and the overall share of the source heat pump has declined slightly, the unit unit's share has increased markedly, this phenomenon has been the central air-conditioning industry in China has become the most important product form of the multi-unit has reached a certain market peak, The source heat pump products have experienced a rapid growth after the gradual return to calm, and in the domestic household appliances are enterprises gree, the United States and other enterprises under the impetus of large volume units, the growth is particularly rapid.

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