The Prospect Of Central Air Conditioning Supply And Demand
Aug 14, 2018

The United States, Japan, Canada and Europe and other economic developed countries have put ice storage technology into the building air-conditioning system. Domestic major traditional air-conditioning manufacturers have also begun to carry out ice storage, such as "non-electric" refrigeration technology research and development and reserves. As a new energy-saving and environmental protection technology, ICE storage has a broad prospect in the central air-conditioning field, and the new project can modify the conventional air-conditioning system into ice storage air-conditioning system during the design and construction stage. The national existing hundreds of units are in use. 2010, China's independent research and development of the first plate ice storage air-conditioning in the actual application, after the relevant departments identified, than the traditional energy-saving more than 40%, reached the international leading level. This is also to reduce costs, the overall push to open ice storage air-conditioning lay a good foundation. The advantage of ice storage is that the main body uses electricity price difference to realize the requirement of saving capital and reaching the cold. In fact, the country's electricity is in a tight supply situation, some provinces and cities have to power rationing. Any power-intensive city in China is a surplus of electricity at night. And the power of the hair, supply and use is simultaneous synchronization, issued by the electricity can not be stored. At night there is no electricity for users, and the electricity emitted is wasted.

To this end, the state and regions have taken the peak-Valley electricity price policy, that is, cutting peak Tim Valley; The core is the daytime electricity price is high, at night electricity price is low. Content shows that in developed countries, more than 60% of buildings have been using ice storage technology. A city area cooling system in Chicago, USA, more than 6 million square meters of building a total of 4 cold stations, the city focused on cooling. One of the Chicago City cooling third Cold station ice storage capacity is 125,000 cold tons, the power load of 438 MW, daily ice-making 4700 tons. From the United States, Japan, Korea and other countries in the application of the situation, ice storage technology in the air-conditioning load concentration, peak and valley difference, the building relative to the region or region can be promoted to use. China's new building area of about 2 billion square meters each year, of which, the city's new residential buildings and public buildings about 800 million ~9 million square meters, for the application of ice storage technology to provide a huge market. China's public buildings each year new area of about 300 million square meters, such as 30% of new public buildings using ice storage air-conditioning system, the country can save electricity 1.5 billion-kilowatt times a year. From the case of Chicago we have seen the application of ice storage technology in the future, we recommend that the use of this technology in the country immediately. From the aspects of technology maturity, equipment manufacture and construction ability and policy environment, ICE storage technology has already possessed some basic conditions in our country, and it is imperative to popularize ice storage technology. The state will further implement the energy-saving target evaluation and assessment, form the mechanism of technology popularization, perfect the incentive policy, play the role of market mechanism, gradually form a market-oriented, enterprise-oriented, government-led, multi-party close cooperation of the promotion pattern, to accelerate the promotion of ice storage technology.

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