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Bicycle competition inside K57(001).jpgBROAD Town in the morning(001).jpg
Bicycle competition inside K57BROAD Town in the morning

BROAD Reception(001).jpgBROAD Sales(001).jpg
BROAD ReceptionBROAD Sales

Come and Get to Know Us(001).jpgInternational Office(001).jpg
Come and Get to Know UsInternational Office

Team member(001).jpgTeam member 2(001).jpg
Team memberTeam member 2

Work with Us(001).jpgWoth with Us 2(001).jpg
Work with UsWork with Us 2

BROAD in a forest(001).jpgJ57 in the dawn(001).jpg
BROAD in a forestJ57 in the dawn

J57 in night(001).jpgNew Ark Hotel.jpg
J57 in nightNew Ark Hotel

Food in the hotel.jpgHotel lobby.jpg
Food in the hotelHotel lobby

IMG_0614(001).jpgWe plant organic veg(001).jpg
We plant organic vegWe plant organic veg

Wine bar.jpgSky swimming pool on top of J57(001).jpg
Wine barSky swimming pool on top of J57

Garbady category(001).jpgInternational Team(001).jpg
Garbady categoryInternational Team

Organic rice(001).jpgPray Palace in the hotel.jpg
Organic ricePray Palace in the hotel

Engineers on Site(001).jpg44-天堂-长沙远大城(003).jpg
Engineers on Site

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