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Global Internet Monitoring

Global internet monitoring system is installed on every BROAD chiller, providing our customers

with lifelong free Internet monitoring service.

The Monitoring Center is locate at BROAD headquarters, and monitors the real-time running

status of chillers 24/365.

Any abnormal or alarm information will be sent to BROAD service engineers immediately so as to

solve problems 

Preventive Service

BROAD provides regular checking and maintenance service for chillers 2~4 times per year according to the chiller model and its operation condition.

BROAD replaces the expiring spare parts in advance to ensure zero stop fault.

BROAD checks the solution every year and adjusts the chiller health according to the test report from BROAD laboratory, thus making sure the solution performance can meet BROAD requirements.


Cloud Management Platform

BROAD Cloud Management System is an aftersales service management system with PC version

for computer and APP version for mobile terminals, which was independently designed and developed by BROAD. The main functions include: users' and units' information, service records, service supervision records and information related to service, such as solution test report, customer satisfaction survey, maintenance records and so on.


BROAD saves all the service records which are open to corresponding users and accepts their supervision.

Service Training

Regular free service training for user's operator and service engineers is provided by BROAD at BROAD Town every year.


BROAD engineers can provide free technical training after on-site service.


Regular Users' Summit is held globally to share BROAD new products, new technologies and

management experience of energy-saving service, which creates unique value for our customers.

24 hours at your service: